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I help companies do more with technology.

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Hello hello, I’m Sanat Hegde. I grew up in Mumbai, India.

I ran a profitable bootstrapped company - astech -where I hired bright minds and got out of their way. Had fun - got the team to have a work life balance.

Sold my company to an AI services startup - Blackstraw

There I led multi-million dollar projects which gave out many x returns for our clients. Delivered end to end AI solutions in industries across various sectors. Including - retail inventory services - healthcare recruitment companies - defence - manufacturing industries.

Was a part of both the strategic and the details in a variety of teams - data ingestion pipelines - data engineering - devOps, cloud management - AI model development - solution architecting - program management - API development - web and mobile app development - sales

Led physical hardware projects - built a CCTV based social distancing and mask detection tool - built a thermal scanning camera and got piloted it in many factories.

I’m currently on a sabbatical looking for my next product.

Sanat Hegde @Sanat