How to be successful at client servicing

How to be successful at client servicing

Client servicing — even though it feels like — is not project management. It is figuring out what the client wants — defining it in a way that becomes a measure of what is to be done and communicating execution of those deliverables.

Breaking it into smaller more doable tasks is something that a PM does, but setting expectations with the execution team on what is needed by the client is part of the client servicing person’s responsibility. Once the execution team knows what’s needed by when, they can focus on delivering it

Setting the client’s expectations is also part of the client servicing rep’s job. Under promise and over deliver that should be the client servicing person’s motto. The client should be informed and constantly followed up for all the requirements needed from their end. Of course, it helps if the client is great. But eventually, all responsibility lies with the client servicing rep to make sure that both these parties know that that means.

Most clients don’t know how to be great clients — while some execution people forget what it means to be great in the client’s eyes. Delivering stuff on time is important. But it is as important as letting the client know that stuff will not be delivered on time. This happens sometime and is not necessarily a bad thing. A clear line of communication is part of the job as is figuring out what the next steps are for each team.

The client servicing rep’s job is to make all the parties involved look good.

Sanat Hegde @Sanat