Daily Presentations — How we made it easy for team members to share what they’ve learnt

Daily Presentations — How we made it easy for team members to share what they’ve learnt

What the score board looks at the end of one full cycle

We have had a presentation everyday at astech since the last 8 months. We choose the speaker on a rotating basis … in the order your name is written on the score board — yes we keep scores. Winner gets an amazon gift card!

1.You cannot miss your turn Has to be at most 5 minutes long — we use e.ggtimer.com/5mins to time
2.The presentation has to made to everyone. 
3.Needs to be something that you have some personal experience with.
4. You get scored from 0 to 5. 5 being the highest.
5. If someone is absent you get 2 points from them.

1.Everyone gets to learn something new everyday. 
2.The presenter gets better at presenting
3.Possible blog post material

Some of the topics that we have covered:

How to update content on a WordPress site with custom post types.

Trekking 101

Machine Learning 101

An introduction to Sass

Cannonical URLs in WordPress

Indian Budget highlights (by our accountant)


Body Language 101

Features of the Visual Studio Editor

An introduction to the Electron Framework for building desktop apps

An introduction to Cloudflare

How to play Black Jack

Different types of Life Insurance

TDS (Tax Deducted at source) calculations and exemptions

An introduction to Easy Engine

UPI (Universal Payments Interface) 101

How to use Netflix

Documentation needed for home loan (from one of us who got a home loan recently)

How to look for cheap airfare

The Grammarly chrome extension

Here’s what we’ve learnt.
Everyone in astech is an expert at what they do. Even our accountant is an expert, at managing the books.

Sharing the process of how you learn new things helps others to learn better.

Sometimes it is the little things that matter. A little thing that has taken you hours to understand and master. The time taken to explain this saves on the time that someone would have to spend in the future.

While not all topics are technical — they are all interesting. Non interesting topics get weeded out since this has turned into a competition.

Since people work in their own silos it is easy to get caught up in what you’re doing and not share what you’ve learnt.

Some things come naturally to some people. While to some people those exact same things can be difficult for someone else.

You don’t know what you don’t know. It helps to get an exposure on new things.

Sometimes these presentations are a way to show your team something cool you found out.

Sanat Hegde @Sanat