Why we build serverless web and mobile apps.

Why we build serverless web and mobile apps.

The drive to microservices by giants such as Netflix has shown everyone why building monolithic applications is a thing of the past.

via — Alvaro Sanchez’s slideshare

Serverless apps have to be microservices-based.

The stack that we use for our apps

Angular for the frontend
Services we use

  • Database — Firebase
  • Storage — Google Cloud Storage
  • Server dependent tasks — Google Cloud Functions
  • Email — Mailgun
  • Authentication — Firebase auth
  • Push Notifications — One Signal

The benefits of this stack

  • No server management expertise needed
  • No maintenance needed on services except maintaining the app itself.
  • All of these are high availability services built with scalability in mind
  • The pay per use pricing of the services means that costs are small since our clients don’t have to pay for idle capacity.
  • It’s very easy to scale up or down depending on usage.
  • There are generous free tiers on all the services.
Sanat Hegde @Sanat