The tech we’re excited about — after Google Cloud Summit, Mumbai

The tech we’re excited about — after Google Cloud Summit, Mumbai

The thing that I’m most excited to do after yesterday’s summit is Cloud AutoML. The ability to build custom machine learning models and getting a google vision style API endpoint to use that model from the cloud sounds like magic. The keynote demo where a raspberry pi was used to classify Indian Mithai was too good.

Pros — We do have a lot of pics in a project that we’ve been working on recently. I’m not sure what to use Cloud AutoML in that case. — but this could be slightly fun to do. Maybe use it to do automatic ratings.
Cons — It needs a lot of segregated image data to build a good model.

Cloud spanner —We need more of a realtime database for our mobile apps. We’ve been very happy with firebase and have started testing Firestore. Cloud spanner is the database powering Google’s flagship apps like GMail and GSutie. The way it provides RDMS features with high availability and scaling sounds like a technological marvel. The pricing is prohibitive for the MVPs and small projects. Enterprises are going to love this though.

Data Studio — Seems interesting for using the data that we have generated from our projects and turning them into beautiful charts. We could use this as a solution in building out admin reporting dashboards. Have to try this out.

PubSub — I’m not sure how firebase does it, but I’ve been meaning to use messaging queues for a long time. It sounds like the right thing to do. We’re big users for serverless cloud functions in our apps, and they usually don’t need queuing. But I could be wrong.

Flutter — Spoke to a google cloud developer — who incidentally wasn’t very fond of JS and JS devs . He wanted us to try flutter instead of Ionic. Flutter is Google’s counter to React Native, a cross platform mobile application development platform. We’re going to try out flutter over the next couple of weeks and am eager to see how it progresses once it goes stable.

All in all the event gave us good exposure to existing google cloud infrastructure. We would have loved some firebase platform talks. Hopefully they’ll be part of the Google Cloud Summit next year.

Sanat Hegde @Sanat