Reduce distractions, work better

Reduce distractions, work better

Cal Newport in Deep Work talks about the benefits to the quality of the output of work when something is worked on without distractions for a long periods of time. Here’s a quick summary of his book — Deep Work

Spending long periods of time doing one thing is more difficult than before now in the age of constant distractions and cellphones are the biggest culprit at-least in my life aiding this distraction filled lifestyle.

The deleterious effects of task switching is an extremely important subject— well captured by Paul Graham in his timeless essay Maker’s schedule, Manager’s Schedule

I’ve personally had some benefits from using Apple’s screen time features to limit social media consuming my idle mind on the phone. I recently found out that it’s possible to do this on the Mac as well. Android has something similar which called Digital Wellbeing.

Sanat Hegde @Sanat